Waking surprises

I woke up about five this morning with everyone in bed, jammed together so much that nobody could sleep. Today was the fifth birthday party for one of their friends, just up the street from us, so the middle part of the day was lots of squeaking and running amok with various unicorn / rainbow / rainbow unicorn accoutrements.
My wife went back home for a nap, and then in the afternoon I tried to entertain the girls, which mostly consisted of making a sandwich while they played with silly putty.

Toward the end of the day, needing coffee, I got the girls on their bikes and we cycled down to Ballard. La Serpiente fell off her bike going around a corner and scratched up her leg a little, so then we turned back. The children were confused that I’d abandon coffee in favour of getting them home, but that felt the better thing to do.

Ballard’s high street to our house is 15 blocks, uphill, and Destroyer was enraged by this, complaining all the way up the hill that she didn’t like hills, and hills are no fun, and we should go home another way. I didn’t have the time to explain to her about the topography of northern Seattle, although I was tempted to make her ride ten blocks extra uphill to teach her not to complain, but I relented.

In the evening, we’d selected a cartoon movie for them to watch, Stardog and Turbocat, which we thought looked fun and lightweight, but still reduced La Serpiente to tears for the last twenty minutes. With a redemptive finale like the end of The Dark Knight Rises, La Serpiente said they were happy tears, and they both demanded to watch it again, so I guess that was sort of a success.

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