Wifeless Sunday

Today I was still exhausted from the week, and although my left ankle is basically recovered, I had gone hard with the roller on my calf yesterday to get some knots out, so that wasn’t feeling great. So a leisurely day; me and the girls went for coffee, and because it was wet we missed out on the Singapore Flyer.
Instead, we watched a bit too much TV, I fed them peanut butter sandwiches and then, overactive because of rain head, or sleep deprivation, or rage at the mess, I set to work tidying their toy room, which mostly consisted of throwing a big pile of colouring in papers in the bin, and telling the girls that if they didn’t tidy all their toys off the living room floor and into the toy room, I’d take them away.

On the positive side, there’s lots of toys we’ve rediscovered that were lost in the mess. I’m trying to use some of their drawers more sensibly – their myriad sheets of stickers are now all in one drawer, art supplies in another, a big set of their artwork is ready for me to blu-tack to the wall – but it’s a hard road to follow. At least near the end of it La Serpiente came to me and requested a new box to store all her lego in.

Then I went for a nap, which lasted half an hour, after which La Serpiente came in, put a pillow over my head and lay with all her might on my back. I don’t think she was necessarily trying to smother me, because I was already face down, but after recent questions about death, who knows?

Friends from Hong Kong flew in last night, so we went to visit them in at their hotel in the East Coast (driven by a terrifying and terrible Grab driver who blamed somebody else’s behaviour on being a "woman driver". No, that’s fine, I only have my two daughters in the car listening to you as you execute poorly planned overtaking manoeuvres in the rain. Please carry on.).

The hotel had a restaurant attached, the strangely named Platypus Cucina (because Mexican food is all about marsupials, I suppose) and it serves literally the worst guacamole I have ever tasted. Imagine a thin green dipping sauce that tastes only of unhappiness.

The girls ate rice (no beans, no spice, which meant a lot of work for me with a fork sorting and grading dinner), I accidentally had low-carb fajitas (because I didn’t realise that the wrap had to be ordered separately) but I also had a bottle of cider so no real complaints there. The hotel staff were very nice even if the restaurant staff seemed to be out of it.

We got another Grab home (this time a sensible one) and I sat in the back to try to keep the girls awake as it was way past bedtime. La Serpiente grew maudlin realising I wouldn’t accompany her back to London for her Christmas holiday, and also that I’d be alone on my birthday. So she insists that (a) I have to always go on holiday with her and (b) she wants to buy me a soft animal that I can have for my birthday. Which is nice. There were also tears because they missed their mother, but I can mostly rectify those with hugs, whereas existential problems like people not being around for birthdays are somehow more challenging.

We got home and I realised both girls were filthy because they’d sat on the floor of the hotel lobby while we waited for the Grab. So I hosed them down, put their clothes in the washing machine, read them their stories and they were asleep in mere moments. That left me the evening to relax, or bemoan the lack of beer in the cupboard, or lose an online game of Blood Bowl 4-1.

Onwards, ever upwards.

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  1. I’ve never heard of having to order the wrap separately? I went to Mexican on Sunday and ate out the middle bit of my taco and took the rest back to the hostel, because I like to eat my carbs just before I go to bed, it helps me sleep.

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