Winter Sunshine Bowl

As the skies turn dark and the weather gets colder in the Pacific Northwest, the Winter Sunshine Bowl should be a ray of warmth and happiness to distract you from the 4 hours of daylight you experience every day. (Unfortunately, the organisers of the Winter Sunshine Bowl grew up in England, so a day at the beach may not be what you were hoping for…)

The Winter Sunshine Bowl follows the NAF Sevens Rules with the following amendments. (A rule pack will be compiled combining the sets of rules into a single document)


It’s awfully hot, so all players have 1 AV lower than normal, except for players with AV6

Team Value

Each team has 700,000 gold coins to spend on their team.

During the summer break teams aren’t paying attention to training, so rerolls cost double the normal amount. For example, a reroll for a human team costs 100,000 gold coins.

Teams consist of up to 11 players, including a maximum of 4 positionals (meaning any player whose availability is less than 0-12) may be selected. For each positional, the maximum of that type is equal to half the normal number (rounded up). For example, Skaven can field 0-1 Blitzers, 0-1 Throwers, 0-2 Gutter Runners and 0-1 Rat Ogres. A maximum of 7 players may be on the pitch at any one time.


Did we mention nobody has been training? No extra skills are available for any player.


No inducements are available.

Kick Off

Roll D8 for direction. Choose the lowest result from 2D6 for the scatter distance.

Kick Off Events

Roll 2D6

2High Tide! The sea isn’t cooperating with the game and floods a portion of the field. Randomly select one wide zone; that portion of the pitch may not be occupied by any players for the rest of the drive. Any players who were set up in that section are immediately moved in a straight line toward the middle of the field until they reach the center zone. If their destination square is 2 already occupied, scatter them with a d8 until an empty square is reached. If a player is pushed into the flooded area by an opponent, they are removed from play as usual, but go to Reserves. If the kickoff falls in the flooded area, it is a touchback. If the ball scatters into the flooded area during play, it is swept back in by the tide and returns to the square it most recently occupied. The field returns to normal at the end of the drive.
3Rampaging Donkey!The donkey that has been giving children rides on the beach for the past 20 years finally loses patience and charges right across the pitch, throwing the game into disarray. Each player on their Line of Scrimmage must make a successful Dodge roll directly back. This is an unmodified roll If the dodge fails, the player is knocked over into the square directly behind them. If another player is occupying that square, he is pushed straight backwards but stays on his feet. Roll armor for the knocked
over player as normal, adding +1 to the roll for the trampling hooves of the donkey.
4Perfect Defence!
5High Kick
7Changing Weather
11Sewage outflow


Rather than a proper ref, one of the local lifeguards is watching the match for fouls. Because of their inexperience, your first Argue The Ref call succeeds on a 4+, but they’ll then get angry and all subsequent Argue The Ref calls automatically fail.


The Winter Sunshine Bowl is played on a standard Blood Bowl 7s pitch. (Note this is different to the standard Beach Bowl pitch, which is played on the same dimensions as Street Bowl). On each kick off, both teams must place at least 2 players on the line of scrimmage, and no more than 1 player per wide zone.


Weather conditions for all matches are decided by the weather roll made on the top table for that round. If Change of Weather is rolled on the Kick Off table for your match, your weather changes, but otherwise it follows the initial weather roll from the top table.

Weather: roll 1D6

  • 1 – Sweltering Heat
  • 2 – Very Sunny
  • 3 – Nice Weather
  • 4 – Nice Weather
  • 5 – Pouring Rain
  • 6 – Blizzard

Look Ma, No Hands!

Every seaside town has at least one shop selling dreadful nick-nacks and souvenirs. For the Winter Sunshine Bowl, one of your players has found a new toy and won’t stop playing with it. Unfortunately, that means their hands are full and they won’t be any good for ball carrying duties, but they should still be useful.

Nominate one player at the start of a drive. For that drive, in addition to their normal skills they have Chainsaw and No Hands. Secret Weapon does not apply. After the drive, the toy breaks and they revert to their normal skills.

Ice Cream Truck

At half time, the Ice Cream Truck delivers tasty (and possibly warpstone-laced) treats for the players. Nominate exactly one player from your team and roll D6.

1 “This tastes really bad…” Move player to the killed/injured box for the second half.

2-5 “Does this taste funny to you?” Player gains Tentacles and Disturbing Presence for the second half. (If the player already has Tentacles and Disturbing Presence, it loses those for the second half and gains Horns and Frenzy.

6 “I feel great!” – Move player to Reserves, no ill-effects.

Any of your players (including dead or injured ones) can have an ice cream, so this allows you to recover a player who was KO’d/injured/killed in the first half.