Weak at the weekend

I got up early and ran on the beach this morning. It was almost silent, the only sound the lapping of the waves on the sand and my laboured breathing. I came off at the end of the beach and found the perimeter road of the resort, shuffling up a long hill and avoiding the nature trail subtitled ‘BEWARE OF THE DOG”. I was still feeling pretty weak so after fifteen minutes I turned around and returned to the hotel, arriving as a sweaty, floppy mess as the kids were waking up.

We’d had a poor night’s sleep because neither of us had our own beds. I had to sleep curled up at the bottom of La Serpiente’s mattress like the family dog, and when I tried to her comfortable she’d wake me up to berate me. I don’t think my wife had better luck, so today we arranged for a new bed to be added to our room ao the ratio of people to sleeping devices wouldn’t remain so bad. Then we went out to brave the day.

The hotel has a small zoo, which includes five crocodiles and a aeries of enormous snakes, and as such seems wildly inappropriate for a resort. Maybe a petting zoo, at most a few iguanas, but a succession of apex predators close to a family swimming pool? It’s basically the set up for a B movies right there. So I took La Serpiente to eat a pizza, and tried to remain awake. Indonesian attempts ay pizza, at least in Bintan, leave a lot to be desired. Maybe they need the involvement of more carnivorous animals.

Yesterday I played ping pong (and on Thursday night I went bowling and got four strikes and four half strikes in one game) so clearly I was feeling the strain today, legs sore and brain heavy. I wanted nothing more than to sleep, but that’s not allowed with two small children. Is it allowed with two large children? In the evening, we went to an Indian / Indonesian restaurant, which was a slightly odd combination, and then afterwards counted geckoes in the atrium until La Serpiente git excited enough to need to have her clothes changed. Wild night, in bed by 11.

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