2022 status update

I hadn’t realized until I checked that I only made 5 resolutions last year: get better at Blood Bowl (slightly successful), run at least 2 5ks (successful), read all the books we have before buying new ones (abject failure), keep my Invisalign in (I think that’s worked) and exercise better (who can say?). Then again, a year ago I was living in an Airbnb basement, so things have improved a lot since then. We have our own washing machine (which doesn’t shake the house to bits), pur basement doesn’t flood, we haven’t had to change car for a good few months… lots of reasons to be happy.

With this year’s resolutions, this is my second night of failing to go to bed on time, but I did work out (in VR) today and I spent ten minutes doing exercises on my banjo – not much in and of itself, but I figure that ten minutes here and ten minutes there is better than leaving the banjo in a bag for a couple of years and looking at it guiltily.

Tomorrow the girls go back to school, I go back to work, and I go to get my Invisalign inspected, and possibly removed, my teeth now all straight and Americanised. Well, maybe. I should write up my findings and feelings on this tomorrow…

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