28 July, 2020 15:04

It was roastingly hot today, so with all the windows closed to keep the hot air out, I skulked as long as I could indoors, before taking the girls out for a short bike ride to the cafe and back.
Even as it approached 31° outdoors, the ground floor of the house stayed cool. Unfortunately, because I was upstairs, and the sun comes straight down upon the roof of the house and heats the upper floor, it was swelteringly hot. I lasted until about six then had to give in.

I put the girls down to sleep, wasted some time idly playing on the Xbox, then went for a mile time trial (which I should have done yesterday). This was brutal as ever (I did around a 6:35 mile, similar to the last time I tried it) then had a few thoughts about a stand up set as I jogged home. Still not sure if I have the fire in me to get back on stage.

I watched a fairly awful film (Ready Or Not, the second film I’ve watched with Samara Weaving in it in the last few weeks, after Guns Akimbo) and then, exhausted by the run or the heat, succumbed to lassitude upon our sofa. Another day down.

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