9th birthday

It was La Serpiente’s birthday today, and after spending half the night wrapping presents and writing riddles for her to follow to find them, I was a shambling mess, following her around the house as she tried to decipher my handwriting and then the various clues.

(I’m now thinking that for Christmas there should be a much more ambitious process, where the clues themselves form a greater puzzle to solve, but that might really be an over commitment.)

We had calls with the grandparents, and then with Destroyer safely parked at a neighbour and La Serpiente at a birthday party for a friend, we could work on prep for her party.

Or rather, I fell asleep for two hours, feeling marginally more human when I woke up.

In the afternoon we got a haul of food for the party. Our initial plan was to bring a stack of pizzas, but with the temperature rumoured to be around 30° tomorrow, we’re focusses on dips, chips and fruity things so that nobody goes loopy from heatstroke.

With those things done, we took La Serpiente for her yearly McDonald’s treat (she’s actually managed to get McNuggets twice this year, some sort of triumph), then ate in the park before going home to watch the first hour of the first Harry Potter. And so to bed, and more panicking about party prep for tomorrow.

La Serpiente was very pleased with all the books she got, and even more so with her new watch. It’ll be interesting to see how many steps she takes and how we track that. And as for her new microscope …

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