A bit more sleep please

I got about four hours sleep; I went to bed late, then got woken up early with animals and kids in the bed and couldn’t get back to sleep. Thus, I was zombified today.

I had to go to the dentist for a check up on my wisdom teeth and he told me that I’d been suffering apnea while sedated and had stopped breathing three or four times. And then started breathing again.

Well, I’m still walking around and respiring, but it’s been recommended that I go see a specialist and have my sleep observed. What with my missing vertebra, my wisdom teeth, and now a sleep disorder I’m wondering if there’s any other things that can potentially be at fault with my body this year.

But on the positive side, a symptom of apnea is being tired all the time, and I’m damn tired. So if I get this sorted out (and it’s better to find out these things before it gets really bad) then I can look forward to having more energy and not being a shambling mess.

Ah, reasons to be cheerful. Onwards!

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