A day without coffee

I’m not sure why I thought I would stop drinking coffee this week. I suppose my breakneck pace of travel has stopped now, and I’d been averaging well over two cups per day recently, and I was beginning to feel that caffeine was only a crutch and not a performance enhancer. I could have tried cutting down gradually, but that didn’t seem particularly workable – better to go straight to zero and tough it out.
This morning was fine; I kept myself hydrated. La Serpiente had to go to the doctor as she was (literally) bellyaching, so I only had Destroyer to transport to school, and after that I could ride a slightly ominous hire bike to the office.

I had lunch – fairly healthy, if roasted carrots and two too many cheese sandwiches are allowed – and then about 3:30,the withdrawal symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks. Mid afternoon is often a low spot, even with coffee, but today I had a headache, the kind of clenching, stabbing pain that stops you being able to think or do anything. I went home at 6,by which point it was turning into a migraine (how I love the thumping of my heart in my head) so the kids, no matter how angelic, were hellish for me this evening.

I went climbing in the hope this would distract. I’m not sure how I managed an hour, because every time I had my arms above my head and tried to pull, there was a rush of blood and my head felt even closer to exploding. But still, I mastered a few things I’ve not done before, and also failed at a few difficult routes that have appeared since last week. After that, and after my hanging practice (which surprisingly didn’t make my head hurt) I went home, to find my wife almost passed out.

And she’s been drinking coffee today.

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  1. I have a novel way to drink / not drink coffee. Let a friendly wasp take a bath in it. That will put you off coffee for life !

    • Based on my previous performance, I assume I’d probably try to swallow the wasp, with lamentable results

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