A good start to the end of the week

Tired after all that swimming yesterday, I had my first proper coffee since I got my second covid shot (so 15 days without) and then did a session at the bouldering gym, where I managed one or two problems I’d not beaten before, and mostly spent my time trying things and realising that I was really tired.
Still, the combination of coffee and exercise in the morning left me feeling better than I’ve been for a while; I got through quite a bit of work today, doing some analysis and chaisng people up for projects, and less time sitting there doubting my existence. Which is nice.

This evening we had friends come round (also vaccinated) while the girls played. Our next door neighbour dropped round some firewood, which I then had to rush out and move when torrential rain came in at 10:30, and then lie on the sofa, frozen from the cold and the wet.

Now to bed, and to hope for a similarly productive call with our builder tomorrow morning…

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