A hot day of nothing

I went back to our house today to collect some mail, and gaze once again at the precarious porch. Every time I look I notice something new and more ridiculous. Mostly to do with holding up the front of a house with two planks of wood, and also how sturdy the main structure is from the deck of the porch downwards. Just that one yard of calamity in the middle…
It was a hot day in Seattle and so the kids and I were grumpy. I also didn’t drink coffee until midday, which wasn’t great. However, I read them the first half of Alice In Wonderland, which Destroyer loved (La Serpiente seemed to not grasp the slapstick joy of the Mad Hatter’s tea party). If they’re good, they might get the movie.

The day raced past though. Tomorrow is a work day with the girls in school, rather than clustered around the living room table, and I hope I can be productive; my first real day of work in this house, and I’m fighting poor ergonomics and mediocre WiFi. Onwards, friends, to great justice!

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