A long fast day out

This morning I ran the parkrun thirty seconds faster than last week. I’d worried after all that long, slow running that all I’d be able to do was more slow running, but I kept a fairly creditable pace: I held back on the first lap to stay at a 4 minute km, then didn’t collapse on the rest. Afterwards, I jogged up to the nearest Starbucks for a coffee (decaffeinated) then got a car back to the city. I stank of decaying vegetables, but that’s the peril of a vegetarian diet.

This morning we took the kids to a mall to run them around and wear them out. This worked slightly too well as La Serpiente was an inconsolable mess of tears on the way home, but she went down for a good long nap. That was essential, because we had two parties to attend. First there was a Halloween party where I bumped into one of my old bosses from Expedia, and ate lots of cupcakes.

Then we headed over to my current boss’s place for a Divali party. La Serpiente and Destroyer were model citizens, being cute and running around and hugging everyone, and although we stayed up well beyond their bedtimes, we managed to get them home without tears, and they then went out super fast after we put them to bed.

It’s a shame that Divali only comes once per year, as otherwise this would be a pretty stress free way to keep the girls out of mischief.

Now I just lie on my bed, legs sore from this morning, waiting for sleep’s sweet release.

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