A long march in October

La Serpiente and I went for a very long walk today; I persuaded her that we should go and refresh our supply of biscuits, and once we’d walked down to 59th Street, I bribed her with the promise of a hot chocolate, and so we went down to 55th, and then down to 49th, where the Rad Cycles shop is. Right now they are charging $30 to courier any bicycle components to people, and I didn’t want to spend that on a pannier when the shop is in walking distance.
Happily, the shop is now open if you obey mask guidelines, so we bought an enormous bag to put on the cargo bike, and then walked back up to 55th, where we bought hot chocolates from a cafe there, and then went over the street to Five Guys and I got a bag of French fries that I’d also suggested she could have (it was lunchtime by then, and she needed feeding).

La Serpiente insisted in carrying the pannier (almost as big as her) up the hill, until we found a half built house with some steps to sit on, where we could pause and eat the fries. I’d not had Five Guys fries before – they’re fried in peanut oil and if you’re not allergic to that, then they’re excellent.

We are, walked home, and by then we’d done 10,000 steps each. I had to have a quick nap. This afternoon my wife had a cooking class and made an excellent risotto, and so we had that and then I put the kids to bed. My legs are a little sore from climbing on Friday, but I’m going back to the wall for another hour tomorrow. I guess I should get some sleep in preparation for that…

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