A long walk with lots of screaming

We went for our first hike in our new car today, driving down to Renton to hike at Coal Creek.
This was about four miles; the first mile and a half was steep and upwards, and for most of it Destroyer and La Serpiente complained, refused to walk or just screamed at me at the top of their voices. They calmed down by about half way, after I had shattered eardrums, and then the second half of the hike was quite pleasant. La Serpiente and I even ran down a trail as fast as we could, holding hands. I got the feeling this is a trail I should go back and run on my own: I’m pretty sure I could cover four miles in less than three hours.

When we got home, my wife was busy setting up the Halloween celebration. Because people aren’t going door to door and collecting candy this year, we’d organised a socially distanced party in the park opposite us. The children could all do a scavenger hunt, we booked a hot dog stand to feed people, and my wife led a parade of children in costume around the park while I doled out candy. So that was nice.

With the sun setting and the world turning cold, we took our girls in and gave them a little TV before bedtime. Cue more enraged screaming when we didn’t let them eat even more sweets before bed, and then both of them were asleep before eight. I guess that was a successful day.

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