A new desk

Tonight I enlisted my wife’s help in assembling my new desk. It was a beast: a massive lump of wood, atop heavy duty legs, and after an hour or so of fumbling with instructions we had the thing built. Then, with my wife downstairs, I had to remove my old IKEA table and then wrestle the new desk around a corner, over the chin up station, and past all the other stuff that fills our bedroom, without getting stuck. Thankfully, all my climbing for the last few years was leading up to this: learning how to exert force in awkward positions. And now I have, after a year, a proper desk to work at.
Being able to raise and lower it is a nice feature, although not strictly necessary given the low roof where I’m sat. Perhaps after our renovation my office will move downstairs (although I’d miss being able to look out of the window). For now, there’s other benefits, like finally having proper cable management, rather than power cables and HDMI cables and USB connectors all snaking across the desk. If I could just get my laptop off my desk entirely and squirreled away somewhere, perfection would be complete. But we’re almost there, and having legroom under the desk is also something wonderful.

Need more shelves though. You always need more shelves.

Having worked at this for several hours, I went downstairs, watched Bob’s Burgers (once again reiterating that it’s a documentary about me and my immediate family, not a comedy), drank a beer, watched the start of the Coming To America sequel, and then got ready to pass out. What a day. What an evening. Etc.

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