A new jacket

I got my new jacket from REI today, a waxed canvas jacket my parents bought for me. REI has fantastically good customer service; I went there, collected it, decided I didn’t like the colour or the fit, and without any quibbling they swapped it for a different colour and size. So that was nice.
Once again it was tipping down with rain, so I drove the kids to school today. As a treat, Destroyer got to wear her pyjamas to school, which the kids love. I would think with the filthy cold, wet weather this wouldn’t be so great, but apparently I understand not the mind of a child.

While she was away, we staged some photos that her toy rabbits had taken of her on her new camera. Destroyer was resolutely unimpressed. Ah well.

And our house is getting ever closer to completion; the kitchen wall is demolished, the stairs from ground floor to extension to basement are done … Things are getting peachy!

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