A new toy

I picked up another rental car today, and they upsold me from a regular sized car to a Dodge Charger, because it was only five dollars more. And then it turned out that because I’ve rented so many cars from Enterprise, I got the upgrade for zero dollars instead.
This was nice, although a mixed blessing. The Charger is an enormous car, a drab gray boat with a 3.5 litre engine and heavy steering, and it feels about twice the width of a normal car.

Still, it has various toys, like heated seats and steering wheel, remote start, and a somewhat reliable Bluetooth connection. So perhaps we’ll go for a drive with the kids tomorrow and try to entertain them. Somewhere where we don’t have to meet too many people and risk exposure to viruses.

I drove down to the fitness club tonight and swam a bit. I was a bit tired and couldn’t keep track, so I did between 6 and 8 laps, and then a couple of backstroke to cool down.

Thrn fifteen minutes in the sauna, where I met my boss (doing a 45 minute stint) and home to bed. Well, and home to play more Blood Bowl. Got to keep busy, after all.

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