A nice long walk

This morning we got up early (well, by 7), fed the kids, drank coffee and then drove for two hours towards Mount Rainier, through the Indian reservation that was stacked with firework shops (such as the terrifyingly named Safe Insane Fireworks), eventually ascending a long and winding road to Lake Tipsoo, where we started our walk.
The hike was 3.6 miles in a circle around the peak. For the second half, we could see Rainier in all its beauty; the sun was high, the skies were blue, the trails dry and dusty, and the girls walked the whole way without complaint. (Destroyer did seem to be in a right strop with me for the first half, mind).

I’m not sure if it was the weather, or adequately feeding them, but they were exemplary today. My Garmin malfunctioned and didn’t record the hike, so I can’t show off how much we climbed up and down, but it was glorious.

We saw lots of very brave, big fluffy grey birds, unintimidated by humanity. There were also lots of flies, mercilessly biting my wife.

And then we drove home, I fell asleep on the sofa, and woke to win a game of Blood Bowl and have a half hour run. All things considered, a great day.

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