A portrait of failure

Today I had another Blood Bowl match at Mox, this time with my electrician, and I slumped to a 2-0 defeat. I made one particularly terrible decision in the first half, to reroll a block from a safe push into a double skull, and that pretty much handed the victory to my opponent. Kicking myself afterwards, I realised that my choice had been entirely unnecessary: I could have got another two dice block with one of my other pieces, and then rerolled that to avoid the double skull. So, so stupid. It started to convince me that my dwarf team, built around crushing the dreams of the opposition and grinding out the victory, is not optimal when my playstyle is more loose and emotional rather than merciless and unemotional. So I have to change something to succeed more. Probably start with "make less tash decisions".

I’m also tempted to blame being tired: I did forget my pitch and one of my rulebooks today, so maybe I wasn’t operating optimally, but again, I don’t want to seek excuses…

More positively, I got called out in a team meeting as having achieved a lot, which was a nice bump to the ego. I was worn out with meetings by the afternoon and in need of a nap: at least my headache had gone. The sun is shining again (after a grey cold morning), we have a rugby match to watch at the weekend, and the house inches ever closer to completion.

And now, digesting the cheesecake I had at Mox to accompany my defeat (I have never not lost a game there, I think) I charge the car and plan for bed.

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