A sluggish day

I woke this morning with pains in my chest, which worried me until I remembered that last night I tried to work on my chest, after drinking a can of cider, and probably it’s not a good idea to attempt press ups after doing no exercise for weeks. I must get back to climbing once we’ve moved into our new house.
I bumbled off to work, had a series of meetings that seemed to go on for an eternity, before finishing the day with a game of Blood Bowl that I lost 3-0, in quite depressing fashion. I came home, had another game, and lost that 2-1, and that was perhaps even more brutal, as I failed to score, based on rolling a 1 on a single d6. But what can you do? There aren’t accidents, just the unfortunate consequences of taking risks…

To relax, I passed an hour studying macroeconomic theory, as one does on a Thursday night, and then looked at the start of a book about climbing. I know that seems unlikely, as all I ever do is read about Space Marines these days, but it had to happen at some point.

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