As an experiment, I’m trying to take Wednesday afternoons off between now and the end of March, to give my wife a bit of help on the days when La Serpiente finishes school early. Today that meant I picked up Destroyer from school and then shepherded her home (with judicious application of hot chocolate and other bribes) and then didn’t have much to do, as my wife had already cleaned the house.
So I emptied and refilled the dishwasher and then sat on the sofa reading John Allison’s Steeple comic, about as funny a take on Satanism as you’re likely to encounter, and then made the girls dinner and put them to bed. I had planned to go swimming tonight but I was infected with lassitude, and also I wanted to finish assembling the various Blood Bowl teams I’ve bought recently.

So I spent two hours gluing six lizards, four ogres and twelve snotlings together, occasionally swearing when I glued my fingers together. They’re all complete now, so I’m hoping to spray them with primer later this week, along with my goblins, and maybe have a team painted to tabletop play standard next week. (I have a tournament in 3 weeks, not sure whether to take one of my existing teams or paint one of these new ones.)

And then it was late, and tomorrow is early gym, and I need to be asleep and rested. La Serpiente woke us up at 4 today, which meant I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open through my first meeting today. At least it was a phone call. Let’s see how tomorrow goes…

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