An inspection

Thai morning a contractor cane round to look at our house and quote for the renovation. It’s still a bit unclear whether we need to have a new concrete slab poured in the basement, or just the house lifted up and concrete poured on top of what is there, or what other excitement there might be. I tried to sound knowledgeable when he asked me how old the wiring was in the house, or debate how large an electrical panel there will be. All exciting stuff.
It looks like the kitchen will have to be redone too, which feels a waste after it being so recently redone before we moved in, but that is that. He suggested granite countertops were very much two years out of date, which surprised me as I thought granite had been around for longer, but what do I know?

After that I worked all day, cancelled my current broadband supplier in favour of a cheaper one (and then the old one offered me an even cheaper rate, but by then I’d had enough and didn’t care to switch over again), and then the usual merry-go-round of putting the kids to bed, playing Blood Bowl and then vegging out in front of the tv. Onwards, ever onwards .

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