Another day running

I had calls all the way from 12:30 to 3pm today, so my usual plan to take the kids to the cliffs over the waterfront was impossible. I got a little bit of exercise earlier in the day by riding down to the supermarket and loading up the cargo bike with all of my wife’s groceries, but I also had a run scheduled. So this afternoon, once work was out of the way, I persuaded La Serpiente that today was a bicycle day, not a unicycle day, and we went out together.

This was meant to be an easy run (around 5:45 km pace) but keeping up with my daughter is a bit tough, and it was made worse when she asked me how fast I could run, and I had to show her by sprinting down the street. We had a few little races (I can win on the flat if I make a big effort, but mostly we draw), covered just over 5k in half an hour, and got home in time for dinner.

This had certainly tired her out, as she fell asleep swiftly. Destroyer also went to sleep in record time, which helped with the evening. I’m trying to get them back to their old bedtime routine, where a single parent was enough to get them to sleep. For the last n months, we’ve had to take turns each settling one child, and this was never usually the way before; in Singapore, and to begin with even in this house in Seattle, they could cope with sharing one parent at bedtime.

So with the kids down, I went downstairs and zoned out for a while with some terrible TV, played a few games of Blood Bowl (got a win, and then a draw, which is much better than in the past, even if the win should have been a 2-0 loss – I got lucky there). With my wife slumbering peacefully on the chair beside me, it’s a civilised end to the day.

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