Another slow Sunday

We caught up with our contractor this morning, discussing plans to finish the renovation. I was a little surprised to find that after the painting on Friday, they could have restored the kitchen and living room to a semblance of order, rather than leaving the dust sheets everywhere and the fridge in the middle of the room, but I can’t complain. At least we’ll really value the space in the house when we get it back.
It’s been raining most of the day, which is nice when you’re inside, and this our second October where we don’t have to worry about the basement flooding. This time last year it was dry bit still open to the wind blowing through, whereas now it’s insulated, drywalled and painted. We could still do with lights and working bathrooms, but we’re closer than we ever were before…

The Seahawks won at home to the Giants, I had some cider to drink, and the Destroyer had a complete breakdown for fifteen minutes when I didn’t let her watch a violent video game for more than five minutes. Then all that remained was to play with the cat until he was worn out.

The cat never gets worn out.

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