Back in the chair

I had a filling and a crown put on today, which meant two hours in the dentist’s chair, after which my mouth was both numb from the anaesthesia and sore from being stretched open and poked in by medical professionals. Even soft goop like hummus was painful to eat, so I spent most of the day discombobulated.
I did at least walk the girls outside today. Typical, that after a gloomy Sunday of rain, it would be sunny all day today.

Still, not all anything to complain about. I have a whole day away from the dentist tomorrow, and then back on Wednesday to consult about my wisdom teeth. So, er, that’s something to look forward to.

I had planned to not play Cyberpunk for a week. Bored tonight, I told my wife to let me play it for half an hour. Three hours later… Tomorrow I really must finish my tax return…

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