Back into it

Because the Airbnb we’re in has nowhere comfortable to work, and as there’s one main room so it’s impossible to work after the kids come home, I went back to our house to work today. While we wait for the permits to be processed there’s nobody working on the renovation, so it’s quiet, and I have a big monitor and a proper desk.
I don’t have a working toilet, but I could just go next door and use our neighbours’. The central heat isn’t ready to use yet, but we have space heaters, so I figured that would do.

Unfortunately, the lack of insulation at the back of the house meant all the space heater did was warm up the back garden slightly. Having a candle on my desk probably made more of a difference.

I slogged through a week of emails, and a morning of meetings, and I was cold. I went home for lunch, went back for more work, took La Serpiente to her optician for a check up, then went back and did some more work. And then I went back to the bosom of my family, unable to stand or think properly.

Whenever I come back to work, I’m exhausted. I think it’s a combination of sitting still for much longer than when I’m not working, combined with using different bits of my brain and having to adjust. This time, I also had to cope with being really, really cold – I didn’t feel better until about 9 or 10 this evening.

Still, another day of this and then we relocate to another house, and this one does have a viable workspace, so I only have one more wintry day in my "office". I hope …

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