Back to Puyallup

Thankfully, my wife’s bag was collected by the waitress at the restaurant yesterday, so when we called them they confirmed they had it. I had planned for a day of doing nothing, mooching around the house, so it was probably slightly healthier to get back in the car and drive down to Puyallup.
Masks were conspicuous by their absence in the playground, and with La Serpiente and Destroyer arguing about who was going to go down the slide first, we moved into the library instead. Puyallup has a lovely, big library where we could read the girls lots of books, before heading over to a bar to get some lunch. (As usual, the kids subsisted on hot dogs, but they also got mad libs on their menu to do, causing us to help write fictional histories of Puyallup).

And after that, we drove home again. Tomorrow is the first day of school, as well as my first day back, so after taking another good look at our house, we tried to prep the girls for the new term.

Or rather, I read them another chapter of The Golden Compass, which surprisingly didn’t seem to freak them out when it got to the part about child kidnapping. La Serpiente still has no patience for a plot where the details are revealed progressively, although we tried to explain this is better than a story where everything is blindingly obvious from the start. Destroyer made no such complaints, so I’ll read her Dune next and La Serpiente can get some classic Dickens, with characters like Mrs Goodperson and Mr Utterbastard. You have to know your audience.

Tomorrow, back to "normal", as far as normal can be doing work from the basement of somebody else’s house. And then we’ll be home (in a building site, but home nevertheless) from Friday night. Onwards!

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