Battling the heat

I took the girls ice skating today, despite Destroyer’s desire to stay at home. She was glad she went, because they upgraded her to the next level in her skating classes, now just one behind her sister. After that, a quick drive to the library at Shoreline to pick up a couple of books, then home for ice cream.

We moved them into the toy room to beat the heat. The only problem is that our over zealous air con made it too cold, and then they still took an hour and a half to go to sleep, after which I went to our freezing cold basement for a call, and then prepared for bed.

I got what I think is the final piece of my desk set up today, a switch to change peripherals between computers. I have two computers, and now a single press of a button I can change which one is attached to the keyboard, my webcam, and so on, rather than having to plug and unplug things every day. Marginal improvements…

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