It was perhaps inevitable after I wrote a few weeks back about technology becoming reliable and boring, that things would start going wrong. In particular, a warning light came on the dash of my car, and today, after a four hour wait, I got a call to say the battery has a fault and they can’t let me drive the car until it’s fixed because it might catch fire.

All well and good, but the new battery is on back order and they have no ETA. I’ve heard it could be months, and the guy on the phone was highly non committal when I asked him about what I do for a car in the meantime. So let’s cross our fingers and hope…

In more positive news, we drilled a hole for the cables in the house today, so I’m almost at the point where we can get the upstairs wiring connected again. Then we just have to deal with the holes in the walls and relocating the circuit breakers, two trivial tasks that will only take a couple of weeks. Oh dear oh dear. If we are back in the house this year, that will be nice.

The plumbers have been and gone. I don’t know what they’ve got up to, but they have been. If only they did heating as well, the house would be livable. Well, it would be warm, but with no lights. How entitled I sound. 🙂

We move out of our neighbours’ house on Tuesday, but then we have another house to stay in until the following Sunday. So we are gradually creeping forward. Nothing to complain about. Yet.

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