Busy and tired

It was a gorgeous sunny day and we headed out to Port Townsend – and then the sky turned grey and it began to drizzle. Still, we had a nice walk around Richmond (in the slightly ominous Quiet Place Park) then drove to Port Gamble where the girls played happily for an hour, and then on to Finn River for lunch. I was inexplicably tired, my eyes tiny slits in my face that hardly stayed open, and even more coffee didn’t really help.
Still, to entertain the girls I downloaded a audiobook of Gideon Defoe’s The Pirates! And the Scientists, a ridiculous pirate romp I skimread in Waterstones some time in the last two decades, and which was great for getting the kids attention. We consumed all three hours of it, then started on the film when we got home.

The kids went loony as usual for their pig bedtime story (cliffhangers they don’t like) and then I had an hour’s climbing before returning to waste time on videogames, in preparation for going climbing with La Serpiente tomorrow morning. It’s going to be a weekend.

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