Cabin fever chronicles

It was dull and rainy today, and the kids were on the verge of insanity all day, as if they’d planned for weeks an assault on my wife’s nerves. After a quiet week at work today was an ever increasing snowball of meetings, and the few times I ventured away from my desk it was into a juvenile warzone. Thankfully at 4pm it stopped, I got my wife to have a two hour nap to rejuvenate, and things went slightly back to normal.
Although normal now means I have a child sleeping in my bed, I’m half drunk on cider, and I’ve not read any books. We watched the last episode of the second season of Altered Carbon, and it looked good but sort of failed to hang together, as if you’d only understand it if you’d read the book. I’ve read the book, was still a bit confused as to what was going on. Maybe they needed an (even) bigger budget

I’ve been tormenting La Serpiente by telling her how far we’re riding tomorrow initially it was a 6 mile ride, and then it became 6 out and 6 back, and I think now we’re going for at least 24 miles. If she won’t get worn out in other ways, this is how I’ll have to do it

It’s quiet now. Of course, that could be because it’s 1 in the morning here…

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