Capricci – Bland pizza

Tonight we ordered in pizza from Capricci, via Deliveroo. If in years to come that is meaningless, remember only that in 2016, there was a website called Deliveroo that acted as a middle man between restaurants and people too busy to go out to eat.

Deliveroo is great, as at any time of day or night I can go online and get a man with a motorcycle to bring me fresh pizza.

It’s less great because there’s no way to view ratings for restaurants, or indeed record what you thought of a meal from a particular restaurant, and that’s what I really need, in my quest to eat every pizza in Singapore: reliable electronic memory.

Instead, I have this blog.

Capricci do a bufala mozzarella pizza with rucola and tomatoes strewn across it. It arrived while I was persuading La Serpiente to exit her bath, so my wife took it into the bedroom to chow down on while I wrangled our eldest.

I came in a few minutes later to see what I thought was a good looking pizza, but as my wife sadly remarked, it was bland. The cheese wasn’t melted across the top of the pizza but instead was six rubbery white discs stuck on top of it. The rucola was good and peppery, but that may have been because I ground lots of pepper on the pizza, and the base was soggy for no good reason at all.

It’s hard to criticise a restaurant for delivery, because they’ve had little control over the path between kitchen and table. But since most of what I get from Deliveroo is as good as if I go to the restaurant, it doesn’t feel like there’s much slack I should give Capricci for a below-par pizza. I did eat all of it, so it wasn’t atrocious, but as twenty-seven dollar pizza goes, it wasn’t all that great.

For April, I resolve to go to bed by 10pm. Perhaps this pizza-shaped disappointment will motivate me to do such.

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  1. If I lived near you I’d make you a pizza. I made one for Isabel’s friends today and they went “Oooooohhh!!!!” when they saw it. Loads of cheese, herbs, sun dried tomatoes.

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