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  • A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

    This morning we all got up early and went to get cruffins from Mr Holmes, a bakery in San Francisco. (I secretly hope there’s a rival joint called Dr Watson around the corner selling muissants, muffins in the shape of croissants). The muffins were gloriously ridiculous, a frankenfood combining match, strawberry jam, croissants and muffins, […]

  • What I learned today about toasters

    We woke today to a house devoid of food, and had to quickly head out to the bakery to find croissants to placate both the girls. There’s something wrong there but I can’t say what it could be. After that, the family split: my wife took La Serpiente to a birthday party while I went […]

  • Men Love Pies, Girls Like Hummus

    Today I baked a cake from Men Love Pies, Girls Like Hummus, a cookery book I borrowed from the library solely on the strength of its title. I borrowed three books: one by Gordon Ramsay that had at least one example of egregious copy-and-paste, a compendium of recipes from Epicurious, and Men Love Pies, Girls […]

  • Dirt Candy

    Last week when we went to the library, my wife picked up Dirt Candy, a cookbook from a fashionable New York vegetable restaurant. (Note that it’s a vegetable restaurant and not a vegetarian restaurant, as the author and chef takes pains to point out. The former celebrates the wonders and tastes of things you dig […]

  • The Zen of Taco

    While we were in Seattle, I bought Isa Does It, a book of vegan recipes. Alone in the house without my wife to cook me tacos, I extracted a recipe from the book and attempted it.

  • Mr Consistency

    Back to the track for what felt like the first time in ages tonight, with two goals in mind: testing out the new running jelly, and trying to maintain a consistent pace throughout the session. Regular readers will be aware of my tendency to storm out on the first lap, and then fall apart, my […]

  • Doing it better

    This evening, my wife and I made about a hundred blocks of sports food, squidgy lumps of energy to quaff while out running. I’ve been buying Clif Blox (which taste a bit chemical) and Gu Chomps (which, the Bon Jovi of sport food, taste exactly like bad medicine) but it’s hard to get Clif Blox […]

  • Chocolate tart

    This evening, my wife fed me part of a chocolate tart she had baked. Last night we tested out a smaller version in a heart-shaped Le Creuset ramekin I gave her on Valentines’ Day a few years ago. That time, the tart was so good that we were literally captivated by it, unable to stop […]

  • Breakfast Bar

    My wife found this somewhere while trawling through Pinterest one day, and it’s become a staple part of our breakfast. Hopefully one day we can provide correct attribution to the original author. Breakfast bar Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 45 mins Total time: 55 mins Serves: 6 Ingredients 1-2 apples, chopped One punnet of […]

  • Sweet Potato Cakes

    Last night my wife cooked the sweet potato cakes from Thomas & Lim’s The Feed Zone Cookbook; the cookbook I received as a belated Christmas present last week. The recipe is very easy, the only thing to be aware of is how sticky the patties get; make sure when forming them that your hands are […]