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  • Early morning pick me up

    For the first time in decades, somebody tried to pick me up. To my surprise and bemusement, this wasn’t in a club full of loud music and people shouting, but at breakfast on a Monday morning.

  • Lucky Tiger

    This evening the haze came back to Singapore. I left the apartment just after 8pm and that horrible stench of burning was thick around the lift lobby again. Just when La Serpiente was getting over her stomach upset, we get back to a situation where her dear little lungs are going to be assaulted again. […]

  • What I learned this weekend

    Your children will trample on your dreams. Literally. Don’t expect a hipster hairdresser to be on time, or anything to do with time at all.Because I look like this, my wife demanded I do something about the increasing invisibility of my mouth behind a hedge of facial hair. Desperate to get this sorted out, she […]

  • Splitting hairs

    I can’t remember the last time I had my hair cut. Certainly it wasn’t this year, and it probably wasn’t since we went to Seattle in December. With the warmth and humidity in Singapore my hair has grown and grown, so today I finally went to rectify the situation. Here’s me before my haircut: bamboozled […]

  • Of combs and lifts

    Yesterday I bought a fine tooth comb, and I have to say, what a fine comb it is too. The combination of probably too much hair conditioner, plus combing my hair with the magical comb, has given me a new, much suaver aspect. I suppose anything would have looked suaver than the broken mess that […]

  • A good shave

    Today I bought a shaving brush, an implement that I’ve never used before. It was a revelation. There are lots of different ways to remove hair from your face. There are electric razors, which never seem to go close enough. There are cut-throat razors, which to me are a dicey proposition; some of the barbers […]

  • Shaven

    One of my birthday presents was a shave at a posh barbershop around the corner from our flat. (The other presents were a hat, a book about squid, a book about shit, a book of science fiction and some very lovely shampoos and unguents to make me look nicer.) Today, I took the opportunity to […]