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  • So much for routine

    After writing my plan yesterday to get back to normal, I stayed up too late watching the highlights of the Seahawks-Tigers match (a ridiculous 48-45 win) then went to sleep. In the morning, some of the routine was normal: get the kids up, get then to school. But the rest- take your wife to the […]

  • Trying to get back on a routine

    I missed blogging for the last few days- traveling to San Francisco was disruptive, and then on Friday night I went out with one of my old managers and we got stinking drunk, to the point that I thought staying up late to watch the Robocop remake was a good idea. (It wasn’t: even on […]

  • Sore legs

    I spent a few minutes mucking about with stats from the Chaos Cup this morning, then went to work, for a full day session of meetings, followed by dinner. That wasn’t so bad, but my legs are super sore from not moving enough today – I need to get back to regular exercise as soon […]

  • Chaos Cup- results or aftermath

    The final standings for the Chaos Cup came out today – I placed 73rd, out of 160 coaches, which is the best I’ve ever done. I was pretty pleased with that. Looking at the results, my choice of taking Bomber Dribblesnot was borne out – he was the most popular choice of star player, and […]

  • Chaos Cup, second day

    I woke up feeling sore, as if picking up little plastic toys and moving them around a neoprene pitch was an intense exercise. My fifth match of the weekend was against goblins, with a chainsaw. They won the kick-off, picked up the ball and advanced steadily down the pitch, while I cowardly held back, trying […]

  • Chaos Cup 2022

    After four games, I’m mentally exhausted, but they were all good matches. My first was a draw, against Skaven. I did my best to win but couldn’t equalize in the first half, had to eke out a draw in the second. I gave my second opponent a lot of thinking, and if he had had […]

  • Brace yourself

    The flight to Chicago went without a hitch today. No delay getting out of Seattle, a little bit of rough air and a steep descent, but nothing sphincter-clenching.

  • Final warm up

    I drove to a friend’s place for a game of Blood Bowl tonight, which took a very long time and ended in a 2-1 loss, sadly. Hopefully this isn’t an omen for the weekend, as we fly to Chicago tomorrow for lots and lots of Blood Bowl. Anyway, sleepy now, even after a day off […]

  • More yelling and screaming

    When it came to putting La Serpiente and Destroyer to bed today, I first had to do La Serpiente’s vision therapy, and for twenty five minutes she prevaricated, until we told her it was time for bed and she then screamed and wept for another twenty minutes, before we got her upstairs (therapy session neglected) […]

  • Running again

    At lunchtime today, with the sun up in the sky and no meetings to take, I put on the running shoes I bought at a discount last November and never used, and went for a run. Well, I say a run. It was a slow jog, where my heart rate stayed far too high (nudging […]