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  • (Almost) all the books I read in 2023

    All the books I borrowed from the King County Library System or from the Seattle Public Library are logged online, and so are all the books I bought on my Kindle, and physical books I bought from Amazon. There’s some missing (books I bought in local bookshops, or stuff we’ve had around for a few […]

  • Chaos Cup, 2023

    Well, it’s been over a week now, I guess I should write down what I remember of my first trip to Florida in more than 20 years… I took Chaos Dwarfs, a team that never held much aesthetic appeal to me, but when one of my tournament participants at the 2023 Brawl was top drunk […]

  • Some Dark Elf shenanigans

    Here’s half of a recent match I played, with some thoughts… Ball lands deep in our half; there’s a time out, so we have 7 turns to score. A few blocks on the LOS lead to a KO’d lineman and not much else, and everyone bunched up. What I probably should have done is set […]

  • Golden Tentacle 2023

    After planning on taking Nurgle to the Golden Tentacle, I saw a chance to compete for the Stunty Cup instead, and dug my halflings out of storage and sent the little guys in to compete for glory. The GT was over two days for the first time this year, with three matches on the Saturday […]

  • Memorable Day

    It’s Memorial Day in the US; the streets were quiet, our place was a bit of a madhouse after the girls had sleepovers last night and didn’t get to sleep until past 10pm. Although they slept in late, Destroyer was tetchy all day, even after I took her and her sister out for a walk. […]

  • Unexpectedly tired

    I drove down to Kent for a game of Blood Bowl this afternoon (a very fun 3-2 win, with four of the touchdowns being scored in the second half) then drove back home again, getting back when everyone else had eaten their pizza, and then going out again to get myself a burger.

  • Reunion

    This evening I stumbled northwards to my old manager’s house, a block away from ours, to share some limoncello and reminisce. We had a good chat about work, health, and my poor luck with cars, and then I stumbled back down to my own house. The kids were asleep. I’d read them some more of […]

  • Laid back

    This morning the company announced layoffs, and for the last week or two I’ve been convinced that would be the end of it for me, so my wife gave me an edible to eat, I got a funny headache, then fell asleep. I woke early, too worried to check my phone, and then did, to […]

  • Cooling off period

    I went into the office today, to find it almost deserted. I had a couple of meetings but everyone I spoke to was in a different city, until I went for lunch with an old colleague and caught up on some gossip. Then home to pick up La Serpiente for her vision therapy, and then […]

  • Weekend recovery

    Last night we had the PTA party for our elementary school, a four hour fundraiser where various things got auctioned off (our neighbours ended up with a tricked-out cocktail trolley and $300 of booze, we’ve got a D&D session for La Serpiente…. the full gamut of experience. It’s a bit insane that the school has […]