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  • Doughnuts and beyond

    Today we drove down to Flour Box, the hyper fashionable doughnut shop south of the city, and queued up. The shop opens at 10 am, and at 8:40 we were second in line. That sounds ridiculous, but by 10am when the doors opened there were more than a hundred people behind us in the queue, […]

  • Seeing something

    Today I had a rescheduled appointment for La Serpiente’s vision therapy, so in the mid afternoon I drove her over, stopping off for us to both get a doughnut at Krispy Kreme on the way. The little bump of sugar she got from her treat before the session may have helped her focus: her therapist […]

  • Dull evening

    For dinner tonight we went to Chiang’s Gourmet Village, for some ok Chinese food. There wasn’t much I could eat apart from green onion pancakes and some salt and pepper tofu, but I guess that was enough for me (and we discovered that Destroyer loves salt and pepper tofu, so that’s a potential addition to […]

  • Suboptimal day of work

    I went to the office today and then spent all my time on calls, which was … suboptimal. With my eyes the way they are, I do better to read off a screen than my laptop, and so in every call, using a laptop instead of my home setup was harsh. Despite there not being […]

  • Short Monday

    I worked from home today, and at some point in his daily rumpus, Frogmorton seems to have disconnected the internet while running around and around our living room. Strangely, he only tool out the connection to my laptop: all my other devices worked just fine. Are they trying to tell me something? Is Frogmorton trying […]

  • Reunion time

    My wife arrived home earlier than I’d expected this afternoon, which was good, as otherwise I think the kids and I might all have gone mad. Today went well though; excepting the girls spending two hours on the iPad this morning, I organized playdates for them, took La Serpiente to the running track for an […]

  • Dirtying things

    For some reason, we’ve filled the top of the dishwasher with bowls, but we haven’t made any plates dirty today, so it’s only half full and I’m loath to run it, and yet we have no clean bowls right now. What a quandary.

  • Labyrinthine

    The kids and I watched Labyrinth tonight, which required a lot of popcorn and early cuddles for both kids, although they claimed it wasn’t at all scary. The digital transfer wasn’t very good – the colour balance kept shifting and it was very grainy – but David Bowie’s codpiece and the ludicrous goblins were a […]

  • Home alone

    My wife went away for a long weekend in Phoenix to celebrate a friend’s 40th, so I drove her, the friend, and another lady to the airport this morning, along with two enormous suitcases (seriously, what is everyone up to for 4 days?). Driving to SeaTac on a Thursday morning turns out to be incredibly […]

  • No sleep til Messerschmidt

    La Serpiente woke in the night and ended up in our bed, and when I went up to sleep, she let rip with the loudest comedy fart I’d ever heard, and then laughed contemptuously at me when I tried to sleep. Fortunately I had a 6:30 call this morning, so I was really in bits […]