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  • Swimming Lesson #20

    Swimming Lesson #20

    Today we videoed my freestyle, so for the first time I can see what I’ve been doing. I regret that we didn’t record what I looked like on my first lesson, but then I’m not sure watching me freak out at the idea of submerging my face would have been so enjoyable. Well, enjoyable for […]

  • Swimming Lesson #19

    Swimming Lesson #19

    Today I did eight laps of freestyle, eight laps of breaststroke, twelve laps of backstroke and then four more of freestyle and four more of breaststroke to cool down. I also discovered that last week’s discovery, my silicone swimming cap, was a bit small for my unfeasibly large head, and was more like a silicone […]

  • Swimming Lesson #18

    Swimming Lesson #18

    At the weekend, while my wife was buying shoes and I was wondering if the cheeseburger I’d eaten was going to kill me or not, I bought a swimming hat. And yesterday, when I gave up looking for my bobby dazzler goggles, I bought a new, less glam pair. So my appearance has altered slightly.

  • Swimming Lesson #17

    Swimming Lesson #17

    This was the first swimming lesson of 2018, and the first time I’ve been in the pool in three weeks. Today I leaned a new stroke, and I also learned old truths about my flexibility, and about relaxing.

  • Swimming Lesson #3

    I didn’t have a brilliant night’s sleep – possibly I was frightened about oversleeping and missing my flight back. I had worried myself unduly by not paying attention to timezones; although the return flight took off at 8:40am Singapore time, that was 9:40 Bangkok time, so I only needed to get to the airport by […]