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  • Swimming Lesson #39

    Today, another hour of freestyle. This now feels like normal, rather than extreme.

  • Swimming Lesson #38

    I had a very early start today, or a late finish, or both: worried that I’d sleep through my alarm, I couldn’t get to sleep until 12:30, and then I woke up at 5:15 which was before my alarm went off. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough I got to the airport by 6,which meant I […]

  • Swimming Lesson #37

    The skies turned dark and it began to pelt down with rain about 6:30, and my phone was out of battery so I couldn’t call a cab, which meant this may have been the first swimming lesson where I got wetter after I left the pool than when I was in it.

  • Swimming Lesson #36

    So today, without even feeling particularly fast, I managed to do a length of the pool in 25 seconds, 2 seconds faster than my previous best, and even when I was tired at the end of the session, I was still managing 36 second lengths (which was the fastest I could do last week).

  • Swimming Lesson #35

    After a rather frustrating twenty minutes trying to get a taxi (the singular joy of watching your driver via an app, driving straight past the road you’re waiting on and then not bothering to come back until you cancel the booking) I got to Swish almost half an hour late for my lesson, and then […]

  • Swimming Lesson #34

    Another half hour today of nothing but freestyle. As I suggested a few weeks ago, there was going to be a tipping point where suddenly things got a lot easier, and we’ve now reached that point. I can reliably do two lengths (40 metres) without stopping, so now I have a nice strong base to […]

  • Swimming Lesson #33

    Today I did almost an hour of freestyle, and nothing else. Two weeks ago I did a 27 second length of the pool and today I couldn’t match that, veering between 30 and 36 seconds per length. We played around a lot with refining my stroke and my kick – I’m still kicking too much, […]

  • Swimming Lesson #32

    Things went much better than expected. The last time I swam was almost two weeks ago. Since then I’ve had a kidney stone, been to the hospital three times, stayed up too late last night and then got up at six this morning to put myself through a tough set of bodyweight exercises. On the […]

  • Swimming in the big pool

    I took the girls swimming this afternoon, and La Serpiente was being whiny and complaining that she had to carry her booster seat to the taxi. It got so bad that my wife told her she wasn’t getting any treats after swimming, so then I had to put up with twenty minutes of constant whining […]

  • Swimming Lesson #31

    I managed two lengths of the pool without a rest today, which was a big step up from before I went to Canada.