Swimming Lesson #39

Today, another hour of freestyle. This now feels like normal, rather than extreme.

Today we spent a lot of time on my technique, in particular my hands. I’ve been cupping them as I pull, rather than extending my fingers, and my arm motion has been too stiff, arms windmilling like two planks of wood. What I should be doing is pulling my forearm toward my chest, and as it gets close, flicking my whole arm back. That keeps the locus of the hand straighter, which makes me more efficient. Oh, and try to curl your head down more as you kick, to shift the curve of your back.

To practice this, we did drills where I pulled with one arm, then left it extended back while I glided forward, trying to count to 3 before pulling with the other arm to repeat. And on and on, until the smell of pool water in my nose was too much to bear and I started to sneeze. I am a martyr to my sinuses.

I think its an improvement. As I’ve written before, there are these shifts where I have to get more inefficient and slower, as I adapt to being more efficient and faster. So to spend today getting a bit smoother and more streamlined in the water, and concentrating less on brute force to muscle my way through the pool, isn’t wasted

It would be nicer to do faster than 26 seconds though

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