Swimming Lesson #36

So today, without even feeling particularly fast, I managed to do a length of the pool in 25 seconds, 2 seconds faster than my previous best, and even when I was tired at the end of the session, I was still managing 36 second lengths (which was the fastest I could do last week).

A few major things to note here: the less I kick my legs, the less tired I am, and so the quicker I can go (even though it feels slower). Optimal breathing for me is somewhere between every two strokes and every six, and if I try to stay on six for too long, I get more tired, and then I start to kick more, and that makes me more tired, and slower, and so on…

I’ve got a bit better at breathing, though I keep bringing my head up too high most of the time. But it feels like a bit more continuous practice (which is more reasonable now I am not limited to an embarrassingly short distance) is possible, and would make the difference here.

Oh, and I managed two lengths (40 metres) in less than 1 minute and 10 seconds. I guess I should start aiming for 5 lengths, or two lengths of an Olympic pool.

Oh, and my backstroke has got better too. I’m trying to concentrate on getting my chin up, but tucking it toward my neck, while at the same time pushing up my belly, and kicking lots. That sounds awkward, but even without using my arms I can make decent progress. How I love backstroke, the closest I get to having a nice lie down.

Today I also went for a C-T scan. Today’s was a dye-contrast scan, which meant as well as drinking an uncomfortable amount of water they injected me with some dye. The nurse was going to put a valve for an IV in my hand, but remembering the farrago at SGH when this whole saga started, I got her to go straight for my arm instead.

That wasn’t so bad. I wish they’d told me before the scan that they’d also administer due rectally, but I suppose medical professionals like their japes. As they said, the dye will make you feel like you’ve lost control of your bladder and wet yourself, which is just lovely as you’re loaded into the middle of a large electrical device. Thankfully, the sensation was a false one, and I got to the office unsoiled. Which is a charming way to start your work day.

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