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  • Swimming Lesson #46

    After a week off, I didn’t think I’d forget much, but for my lesson yesterday it turned out I’d forgotten two things. First, I’d forgotten about kicking my feet lightly near the surface, and second, I’d forgotten about bringing my arms to either side of the axis running from head to foot, rather than crossing. 

  • Swimming Lesson #42

    It’s weird. I had a solid 9 hours of sleep and yet I still woke up feeling sluggish this morning, and after a day at work I didn’t really feel like any exercise, but I still forced myself to get a taxi to the swimming pool. As I got changed, it began to rain, and […]

  • Swimming Lesson #36

    So today, without even feeling particularly fast, I managed to do a length of the pool in 25 seconds, 2 seconds faster than my previous best, and even when I was tired at the end of the session, I was still managing 36 second lengths (which was the fastest I could do last week).

  • Swimming Lesson #29

    Today I spent about an hour in the pool. Half of that was freestyle, and when I was exhausted from that, we went onto backstroke, and then breaststroke. I still don’t have much stamina, but I can now do a length and a half (30 metres) of freestyle before I forget when to breathe and […]

  • Swimming Lesson #28

    So with another two week break, again it feels like I’m starting from scratch, and yet there have been some improvements. It begins to feel like Groundhog Swimming Lesson, where each week I’m getting slightly contradictory advice from what I thought I heard the previous lesson.

  • Swimming Lesson #26

    It’s been three weeks without swimming. Well, the one and a half laps I managed in Jakarta the week before last, and the two laps in Kuala Lumpur the week before that, and the visit to the Bay Of Lost Self Respect in Sentosa must count for something, but not much. On the other hand, […]

  • Swimming Lesson #24

    Whoops. Once again, I’d been weeks without swimming; a week away in San Francisco, then forgetting to go the week I got back from Perth. To make things harder, I’ve been transferred from a 12 metre pool to a 20 metre pool. While that’s still only 40% of an Olympic pool, the extra 66% vs […]

  • Swimming Lesson #19

    Swimming Lesson #19

    Today I did eight laps of freestyle, eight laps of breaststroke, twelve laps of backstroke and then four more of freestyle and four more of breaststroke to cool down. I also discovered that last week’s discovery, my silicone swimming cap, was a bit small for my unfeasibly large head, and was more like a silicone […]

  • Swimming Lesson #18

    Swimming Lesson #18

    At the weekend, while my wife was buying shoes and I was wondering if the cheeseburger I’d eaten was going to kill me or not, I bought a swimming hat. And yesterday, when I gave up looking for my bobby dazzler goggles, I bought a new, less glam pair. So my appearance has altered slightly.

  • Swimming Lesson #17

    Swimming Lesson #17

    This was the first swimming lesson of 2018, and the first time I’ve been in the pool in three weeks. Today I leaned a new stroke, and I also learned old truths about my flexibility, and about relaxing.