Swimming Lesson #28

So with another two week break, again it feels like I’m starting from scratch, and yet there have been some improvements. It begins to feel like Groundhog Swimming Lesson, where each week I’m getting slightly contradictory advice from what I thought I heard the previous lesson.

This week, I did over half an hour on freestyle. There was a lot of concentration on kicking slower, but with bigger, nore powerful movements, and rotating my body more with each stroke. (Which, confusingly enough, was what I thought I’d been told not to do last time around.

Still, can’t complain. By the end of that I was more buoyant and making better progress through the water. The disconcerting thing is that all my frantic kicking from. Before did at least keep my head up, so once again I kept finding times where I was trying to inhale underwater. Ah well, slowly improving.

Breaststroke: it’s all about timing. I’m not pulling my knees in enough while I’m moving up to breathe, so either my kick is then too weak, or I concentrate on this and get the timing wrong, and again either breathe in too early or too late. I got this comedy of errors up and down the pool a few times, but my triceps are really complaining (triceps? From breastroke? What’s going on?) so then I went to my old mainstay, backstroke.

That also went a bit awry, because I was applying the lesson from freestyle (kick hard, less frequently) when I didn’t need to, because for freestyle a quick, fluttery kick is recommended, and I wasn’t being accurate enough with my arms (sweep past ears, then aim to have them arc under your butt on the way back round) but mostly this went OK.

With all that said, although it may have seemed a disastrous lesson, things went pretty well. I need to work on my stamina (part of which would be helped by better, more relaxed technique, and part of which might be aided by me going running more) but by and large another successful session.

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