Swimming Lesson #26

It’s been three weeks without swimming. Well, the one and a half laps I managed in Jakarta the week before last, and the two laps in Kuala Lumpur the week before that, and the visit to the Bay Of Lost Self Respect in Sentosa must count for something, but not much. On the other hand, all that standing on my head and bouldering practice must count for something, right?

Today I did a lot of laps though; 2 warm up laps, then 4 freestyle, then 2 more freestyle, then 1 more, then 4 laps of backstroke and 2 of breaststroke. This was wearing enough, without my incredibly tensed body making things more difficult.

Things to concentrate on for next time:

  • pull hard to the chest with your hand, then roll your shoulder and sent your arm far back, and then pause; your body should then glide forward, before you bring your arm forward and pull with the other one
  • don’t kick so much: I’m flapping my legs too much for freestyle, when they’re more to supply balance to your arms
  • roll your body in the water more, so your arms can move straight back rather than having to arc to the aides

Well, that was freestyle. With backstroke, similarly I’m not getting my arms high enough – they should brush your ears as they go past, but inflexible shoulders mean my arms are all over the place. What’s more, there’s so much inbalance that I’m always tending to go to the right and hit the pool ropes. I guess I need to make my left arm bigger.

Finally, breaststroke, which for a change I found easy. The thing to concentrate on there is relaxing my hands more – this week was all about getting rid of tension.

Oh, and after all that some floating (for me, arms as high above my head as possible, and knees tucked in – roughly the opposite of a hoolow body hold) and one more lap of freestyle.

I’m now hot enough that I don’t need my rash guard any more. Before I don’t think I was exerting myself enough to notice, but I’m really starting to overheat in the pool with these longer distances. I suppose that must be a good sign, that I can now swim far enough to wear myself out.

And so to bed.

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