Swimming Lesson #46

After a week off, I didn’t think I’d forget much, but for my lesson yesterday it turned out I’d forgotten two things. First, I’d forgotten about kicking my feet lightly near the surface, and second, I’d forgotten about bringing my arms to either side of the axis running from head to foot, rather than crossing. 

Gladly, these were easy things to fix, and so that was a lot of hauling myself back and forth across the pool. 

After a while, we swapped to backstroke. I can now travel from one end of the pool to the other just by kicking, but it’s painfully slow and I kept veering to one side, which I thought was because I was bending my neck to one side, but which turned out to be because I was turning my right hip too far. 

With that solved and using my arms again, I could move through the water nice and quickly. I’m only 10 seconds (40%) slower on my back than my front. And I like backstroke, because who doesn’t like to have a lie down when they’re tired? 

I returned in time to play my last game of Blood Bowl for the month and won; perhaps total immersion helps, because I didn’t go swimming tonight and had a dreadful loss. 

Goals for next week – try to remember these things without being reminded. Apart from the Blood Bowl after swimming, of course. 

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