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  • Climbing up and up and up

    I was meant to be climbing and swimming today, but having spent hours sneezing last night, I didn’t fancy wearing myself out too much. So I went to climb, and managed to clear two difficult slab problems (a 17 and a 19) which made me very happy. These were two tricky problems with tiny, slippery […]

  • Swimming Lesson #50

    Today was fairly simple: I turned up, watched the youngsters swim lengths in 20 seconds or less, warmed up with 2 slow laps of freestyle (kicking only) then sprinted one length (24 seconds) and then one very slow lap (just under a minute, I think). And then it was on to dolphin kicks. 

  • Swimming Lesson #47

    Today we had half an hour, and the first five laps were just working on legs, which was brutal as ever. However, I think the intervening days in the pool have paid off, as I can now kick fast and powerfully, and if I remember to arch my back slightly and point my head down, […]

  • Swimming Lesson #46

    After a week off, I didn’t think I’d forget much, but for my lesson yesterday it turned out I’d forgotten two things. First, I’d forgotten about kicking my feet lightly near the surface, and second, I’d forgotten about bringing my arms to either side of the axis running from head to foot, rather than crossing. 

  • Getting stronger again

    This morning I went for a swim at my friends’ pool, and managed to do nine lengths. I had considered doing 10, but after nine I felt quite wrecked, and in any case, 9 was a record (and 50% better than when I started a couple of weeks ago). Slightly shakily, I got dressed and […]

  • The Weight Of Technological Advance

    This is a picture of my HP laptop that I bought in 2006, with my daughter, delivered in 2013, taken on my Nokia 920 phone (originally released in 2012). The laptop weighed slightly more than my daughter when she was born. It had half the RAM and the same storage as my phone (although my […]

  • You only whinge when you’re spinning

    Last week I missed my track session because of the haze. On Monday, I missed it because I was worried about the haze, so I went spinning instead. Today, suffering from a sore throat that I haven’t been able to shake, I contemplated skiving off the track, but I had a feeling id feel worse […]