Climbing up and up and up

I was meant to be climbing and swimming today, but having spent hours sneezing last night, I didn’t fancy wearing myself out too much. So I went to climb, and managed to clear two difficult slab problems (a 17 and a 19) which made me very happy. These were two tricky problems with tiny, slippery footholds and so it was nice to be able to do them. I remembered how I’ve managed to stand on very small toe holds before, and that somehow managed to keep me on the wall.

Well, after four or five attempts I got to the top of problems I never would have even tried. So that was nice.

I went back to the office after that and didn’t find anything to eat for lunch, so I looked like death at our weekly team meeting, and then had to stagger my way through the rest of the day. It’s lucky I did cancel my swimming lesson as not only would I have probably drowned, a huge storm came in and dissolved all the taxis in Singapore. 

I had to fetch some watermelon home so I went into the basement of our office building, bought the fruit, then set off on an odyssey through the underground railway network of Singapore to get home while avoiding the rain. This took me about an hour, all told, so I arrived as the kids were reaching the height of their evening insanity. At least I got them to sleep soon, so I could go outside and play more Blood Bowl and then worry about whether I’d packed enough for the event this weekend.

And then, after an episode of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, to bed. 

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