It gets right up your nose

I went swimming at my friend Bob’s pool today, and did 8 lengths in just under 15 minutes. This is notable because although I’ve done 10 lengths there before, I’d needed more than 90 seconds rest between each one, whereas now I’m doing each length at about the same speed (45 seconds to do 25 metres) and then only resting for a minute. So progress.

I did try one fast lap, where I kicked and pulled as fast and as hard as I could, but that was only 38 seconds, and I needed almost two minutes to recover. But all in all, I was pleased, especially as I haven’t swum since last Thursday. It’s great what you can get used to. 

Then I went home, sneezing, and carried on sneezing for three hours, so after feeling quite good about myself I ended up feeling godawful. 

My wife and I watched some TV and I ate some food to comfort myself, then tried playing Blood Bowl on the Xbox. I found this very hard, partly because the controls are a bit different, but also because the view of the players (isometric rather than top down) was very, very hard to understand, in a way that had never troubled me before. It’s strange what you get used to. 

And so to bed.

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