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  • It gets right up your nose

    I went swimming at my friend Bob’s pool today, and did 8 lengths in just under 15 minutes. This is notable because although I’ve done 10 lengths there before, I’d needed more than 90 seconds rest between each one, whereas now I’m doing each length at about the same speed (45 seconds to do 25…

  • Taking Bronze at the Singapore Masters’

    Every year the Singapore Masters Athletic club organises a track and field competition, and today I took part in the 800 metres. Lining up, I saw that there were only two other people in my age class: did that guarantee I would get on the podium?

  • Rainy day blues

    It’s raining again in Singapore, a constant deluge since mid afternoon, which I now consider a good example of pathetic fallacy, the rain standing as some metaphor for the state of my nose. That nose of mine, alternately dripping and sneezing loud enough to wake the baby, when all I want to do is sleep.