Rainy day blues

It’s raining again in Singapore, a constant deluge since mid afternoon, which I now consider a good example of pathetic fallacy, the rain standing as some metaphor for the state of my nose. That nose of mine, alternately dripping and sneezing loud enough to wake the baby, when all I want to do is sleep.

I’ve got two different antihistamines to take. One set are large and may cause insomnia, the others are small and "may cause drowsiness". Who am I kidding? There’s no "may" about it: one of these little terrors and my eyelids were itching, trying to crawl down my face and close forever. All I wanted was to stop sneezing for a while.

I struggled into work for a few hours: that’s what’s known as a Bad Idea. I coughed and sneezed and felt sorry for myself, when really I could just as easily have done that at home, and with the miracles of the internet, been about as productive. Well, I would have, but there was nobody around to turn my computer on, so I had to stagger in to do that. Then the rains came in, and there I was, marooned without an umbrella, as Singapore decided to do an Atlantis and vanish beneath the waves.

Hmm. Don’t think an umbrella would be that much use against rising tides. Guess I must be too full of snot to think properly.

Today I read wonderful things about bioluminescent squid, including one odd beastie that glows in the dark and has eight legs and no tentacles. But is still a squid, not an octopus. Marine biology can be very confusing. Not to be sneezed at, I suppose.

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