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  • Slow sad day

    I felt absolutely dreadful today; Destroyer woke me up at 2am, rattling our bedroom door in a feeble effort to get in. (Strangely, she was quite successful at getting her own door open, but not at opening ours.) I had to spend a couple of hours with her and La Serpiente before I got back […]

  • Curtains for you

    I woke up feeling rotten today, which I blamed on sleeping on La Serpiente’s floor, but the chill in my bones and the ache in my joints didn’t subside as the day went on. I was hoping I was just sore from my run last night, but it feels like I’ve come down with a […]

  • Feverish

    I should have known it was too good to be true. La Serpiente was a model child this morning, getting up on time, not mucking about on the bus on the way to school, walking to school and walking most of the way up the stairs to her classroom, and then hardly protesting as she […]

  • Repairs

    It’s strange how quickly you get accustomed to things. After my wife dropped the family iPad and the screen shattered, we carried on using our ghetto tablet, but it was only today, after we paid a repair shop in a local mall and got the glass replaced, that I realized how nice it is to […]

  • Falling To Pieces

    On a day like today, when red spots and blisters begin to form on my hands and feet, I begin to feel like Job, covered in boils and bereft of happiness.

  • The eyes have it

    Last night, unable to sleep, I filed bank statements, reducing the mound of paperwork that has blighted the desk in our living room. At around 2, I fell asleep, waking to feel quite dreadful. I had an appointment with an optometrist, at 9:40, who had a scathing and sceptical manner. I have a very rapid […]

  • The drugs might work

    When I went to the doctor yesterday, I took the pills my wife had given me to take when the cold first kicked into gear. My doctor was very surprised when he saw the ingredients on the packet of PARAFLUZED, ($38 in any good Hong Kong pharmacy) and opined that it wasn’t the kind of […]

  • Rainy day blues

    It’s raining again in Singapore, a constant deluge since mid afternoon, which I now consider a good example of pathetic fallacy, the rain standing as some metaphor for the state of my nose. That nose of mine, alternately dripping and sneezing loud enough to wake the baby, when all I want to do is sleep.

  • The dripping of winter noses, and misadventures in time and shopping

    I’ve come down with a head cold, which is a somewhat miserable thing to happen. I’d hoped Singapore’s heat and humidity would mean this would be one disease I wouldn’t suffer, but despite having my sinuses in a perpetual steam bath, I’m still bunged up, woozy headed, and dripping. That’s right, dripping. Without a tissue […]

  • Cold out east

    It was only about nine p.m., as I sat at a table covered in chilli crab, that I realized I was ill. Up until then, I’d just felt confused, tired and disgruntled, but as I sat there with my daughter dribbling down my shirt, fluid began to seep from my nose as if in sympathy.