Slow sad day

I felt absolutely dreadful today; Destroyer woke me up at 2am, rattling our bedroom door in a feeble effort to get in. (Strangely, she was quite successful at getting her own door open, but not at opening ours.) I had to spend a couple of hours with her and La Serpiente before I got back to bed.

When I woke up again this morning, I felt I was at the bottom of a deep hole. A hole where at the top were very shrill children. Walking them to school I kept sneezing, and as I laboured to walk to work, that got worse, my nose streaming and my eyes itching, as though I had some dread allergic reaction to the world. Even walking to work took much longer than it should have, my sluggishness a sign of my overall weakness.

I felt a bit better in the office, because somebody fed me a muffin (had breakfast just not been enough?) but I spent most of the day feeling doleful. It’s hard to discern if that’s because I’m just tired, or because I’m ill, or because I have anything genuine to be sad about. Still, I was struggling to feel any enthusiasm for the world.

At least when I got home, the girls were fairly well behaved. I put them to bed (because that got me an hour’s nap, waking to find my right arm numb for La Serpiente laying on it) and after that I got to play a game of Blood Bowl, and not lose. That seems a pretty low bar, but given my record (21 losses out of 26 games before this one) you have to start somewhere.

And finish somewhere else. I’m off to bed, hoping tomorrow I’m more alive.

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